Antivari - progress

Oktober 08.2018
Summer has gone and we are very happy to report big news for Antivari and Antivari-project.
A project called “Virtual retrospective Antivari” participated in a public competition of the Touristic
Organization of Bar (TO Bar). In April the project was indeed one of the awarded!
Beginning of August was an official presentation of the project in Bar. Among the guests who attended
was the mayor of Bar(Dušan Raičević) and the Director of TO (Emil Kukalj).
Impressions from the presentation you can get here
and here: (meanwhile archived)
The whole team of project “Virtual retrospective Antivari” expresses many thanks for the price
and the award to Touristic Organisation of Bar.
We hope, that we can contribute in some way to other upcoming activities referring Antivari.

I want to point out, that the whole process of application for the participation
with it's paperwork and the laborius organisation around the presentation was done
by Vlado Marvučić and the Croatian cultural association "St. Jerome" (NGO - HKD "Sveti Jeronim" ).

General remarks:
Antivari is getting more interest and other projects focus on the old town. The whole town
will be professionally scanned and georeferenced to provide a virtual interactive walk through the actual town.
Additionally meanwhile church Sveta Katarina is renovated, which is fantastic,
because till last year it seemed, that this object will break down definitely.

Though we didn't put new objects on this website, we are still working!

July 14.2018
ANNOUNCEMENT: Great News will come. We are working since a month very heavyly...

Dec 25.2017
Additional Elements south east of Cathedral and render of Loggia
Dec 17.2017
First render of western facade of object 38, the Communal Palace.

Nov 10. 2017
We are working on reconstruction of Views with Chapel 1a and other Objects
as environment of the Cathedral St. George.

Nov 1. 2017
Actually we are working to extend the environment of St.George and related views.
We got notice, that there is growing interest in this project. Many people
are aware that Stari Bar is an historic site of general cultural interest.

October 23. 2017
Reconstruction of Cathedral St. George ist finalizing. Hope you like it.

October 6. 2017
Rebuilding Cathedral of St. George is going on. An impression of the new portal is uploaded.
All the the ornaments are modeled, except the statue of St. George in the Tympanon.
An example, which was modeled by an original blueprint, you can see on the stuff-page.
Special thanks to Mr. Marković for motivation, constructive critic and many sources of material!
Also uploaded is a view of the western facade with an inscription.

September 15. 2017
A long time has gone without updates, because the team has to survive in daily obligations...
But now works are going on!
We are heavily working on a refined version of the Cathedral of St. George.
The actual version of the object was modeled in an early phase of the project (2013).
Meanwhile we make higher demands on tecnical quality and particularly historical authenticity.
Therefore the cathedral is beeing "rebuild" from scratch. Currently we can give you an impression of
the new version of the portal of the cathedral. Step by step the elder version will be deleted from this page.
Many thanks to Ms. Dagmar Reuther, who reviewed meanwhile all the texts on !
Like every year i visited the site of Stari Bar to get some motivation and impressions.
It is a matter of personal concern for me to note two things:
All people who are working there were very helpful and i want to send them my best thanks.
On the other hand it was a pity to see, how the whole site of antivari is decaying
- for no matter what is the reason! Thousands and thousands of tourists are visiting Stari Bar,
but not even twenty- or thirty thausend Euros are invested to prevent Sveti Kathrin or some palaces from collapse. Why??

December 23. 2016
A completed overview of Antivari is online. (Northern part and southern part).
The tower adjacent to the south gate is changed with an elder version.

September 23. 2016
We are happy to announce, that a new member is part of our team. Miss Dagmar Reuther, Oberstudienrätin from Gießen/Germany is revising the website She corrected a lot of misspellings and stylistic errors. So in the foreseeable future with updated layout this website will represent the official touristguide online.

August 31. 2016
A new object is online - The Custom house (Carinarnica)
with some adjacent buildings.
Of course also this year i visited Antivari and i got some news and met some friends.
Like every year we are especially deeply grateful to Mr. Marcović and his hospitality.
The official news referring to Antivari and ongoing plans are not heartening. But still we
hope, that Montenegro will recognize not only the the material value of Antivari but also
the immaterial historical value of this archiological evidence.
Independent from official trends and bad news we intend to surprise friends of this website
till end of this year.

May 28. 2016
Thinking about some interior scenes, i created a still life scene from a masonry.
Hope you like it and the "classic" atmosphere.

March 28. 2016
Because of stretched ressources (personal and budget, costs of maintaining the webspace ...)
we are forced to find some official or private support.

February 25. 2016
The overview of the eastern part of Old Bar is extended.
Into the scene were adopted existing single objects like Franciscan monastery and the Citadel.
Also are implemented a row of new Objects.
Objects 98 - 101+102 (south side) of the Citadel.
Object 112 (Gradska Kapija) was created.
Objects 108 - 111 (between Gradska Kapija and Chapel Sv. Jovan Krstitetlj [Object 106])
The new Objects are rather detailed modelled and textured objects.

I would like to make a few general comments on the status of this project:
May be, you noted, that this turn of the year i didn't give a summary nor an outlook
to the actual year. The reason wasn't laziness, but had deeper systematic causes.
Fact is, that daily obligations and efforts to obtain basic revenues are growing permanently.
Friends of Antivari and Old Stari Bar tried last year intensively to find some sponsorship
in connection with NGO competitions. Summarized: the awareness is, that in Montenegro/Bar
seems no interest in a Project like this one.
This february we planed, to find some potentially interested institiutions here in Austria/Graz.
Unfortunately "the cat bites its own tail", because lacking of free time.

Independent from missing financial and personal ressources we will try going on
to push the project further in quality and visions. (Yeah- there are still visions!)
To all visitors and friends of this site we wish an interesting, successful and content year 2016.

January 12. 2016
New objects and actual renders on page St.Veneranda are online.
I hope you like them. The materials/texturers of these objects are
the first one, which are created and rendered with the cycles render
machine of blender. Apart from these technical information you should
note, that the pictures have a are more realistic ligthning ambient -
especially the renders of the interior parts. Additionally i tried to create
the objects high detailed and in a high true-to-life-version.

January 10. 2016
New objects and actual renders on page Palace 146 are online.
The whole quarter connected with this Palace (Corte di Pasquali) is named isolate 140.
We tried to reconstruct Objects 143 - 146 rather detailed in consideration of actual researches
Many thanks for excessive help and hints to Mr. Savo Markovic.
Since autumn 2014 i publish the website
Here you can find detailed information about Stari Bar - Antivari.
(Thanks to Petra Zdravkovic we were permitted to publish these information on base of the official tourist guide) .

January 7. 2016
Some elements on startpage + uppertown-page deleted, some relocated.
First renders as overview of the eastern part of Old Bar.
Renders of the objects and hopefully some addended information will come.

January 5. 2016
An unusuallly long time there were no news visible on the website - but nevertheless
the work never stopped and in fact it neither was paused. Many new objects are ready
to be published.
Indeed is there the problem how to put them clearly arranged on the project site.
Publishing is going to be prepared, but will last ca. two weeks.

Oktober 24. 2015
Sveti Katarina outside - views uploaded.

Oktober 22. 2015
Object 14 (Sveti Katarina) got new walls and an impression of the new inside is uploaded.

Oktober 17. 2015
Many things happened, which are not yet visible on the webpage.
At least Object 14 (Sveti Katarina) is uploaded in a new version and extended with the adjacent Object 15.

Tweakings an additional renders will come next week
By the way i changed the links in the Navigation to a more proper chronological order.

September 17. 2015
Summer is ending and another visit in Stari bar/Antivari resulted in many new impressions, informations and contacts.
From meetings with Dr. Markovic we got an incredible big input of information and motivation. First time i got also
in contact with the crew, which manages the field maintenance of antivari and new possibilities for archeological information
will hopefully increase the correctness of the virtual reconstructed architecture of existing and future objects.
So hopefully this project will become a further step forward.
Other strong activities are supported from an group interested in the project.
About them you will read here in detail, when there efforts hopefully will be successful.
Actually working on special objects is heavily ging on, including expanded technical methods.

June 20. 2015
Although there were no new entries last month behind the scene a lot of activities happened.
We hope this summer will bring some nice surprises.

Mai 20. 2015
Page Palast 146 opened.
As little Experiment a portal transom from Lapidarium upladed here for add it to prince Palast.

April 15. 2015
Collection of Material and Working for Palace objekt 146 (plus 144 ?,145 ?) started.
Refinement and finalizing works on count's palace (obj. 136) is not forgotten, but postponed.

April 11.-13. 2015
Steady working on Palace 85 was finalizing in these renders.

'Virtual working' is going on, but till end of march a little bit slower for necessities of 'real working'.
General plan:Creating outside aspects (facades like Count's palace 136) of object 85(palace), St. Veneranda(church) and object 146 (palace)
After or between this work: Refinement of inside architecture and adding details as far as possible of these mentioned 4 objects.

March 11. 2015
Thanks to Savo Marković you can open on Top of Page St. Nicholas's Church an extended description referring
the Monasterium Sancti Francisci de Antibaro.

March 5-7. 2015
Page Prince's Palace opened. The inner architecture of this object is rather complex and
due to my lack of montenegrin/serbian language i dont't know, if there are some errors
inside. Nevertheless i hope the details are reliable. As always: I'm open for suggestions and critics!

February 20.-21. 2015
Archbishop's Palace got windows (biforas) styled in a kind of "Romanesque-Gothic"(?) manner.
Apart from many tweakings the walls of the palace have got different stones as texture (grafics).
On this occasion the palace got garrets and some additional tweaking inside the house.
Last sunday i yet was looking for the next object and began to prepare my workspace and grafic pool
for object 136 (the prince palast). But then came a question (in this case from the team-colleague) about refining the empty windows.
Though it was more work than i thought, i say much thanks to the suggestion of adding this elements!
On Page St.Mark's Church added a version where the facades are made of regular bricks like the Archbishops Palace.

A general Remark for visitors of this site:
If anybody should be interested in special new objects or in refining existing objects, you are welcomed to send me a mail and i will
try to implement your suggestions.

February 15. 2015
New objects on page Archbishop's Palace. An updated version of the Palace itself
and a row of buildings with object 194 in direction north-East.
Included are some new buildings (object 196 and above) between the northern Wall and the area of object 194.
Because of practically no remains on the field, these objects are inspired by the the drawing of Vladan Zdravkovics poster.
(Bastion Gavadola as part of the defense System will come later as an independent object).

February 7. 2015
Page Archbishop's Palace ( object 194) startet.

January 31. 2015
On page overview of the franc. Monastery added an animated overview.
Providing animations is always a compromise between details / length of content
and size of files (webspace!) and transafer-rates (quality!). For solving restrictions
i n future i will search a way to outsource these kind of files to a sharing platform .
The facades of franc.Monastery objects are so far finished and at a later date the
inner parts and architecture of St. Nicholas Church will be surely continued.
Especially the franc. Monastery is so variegated, that many nice scenes could be
created (even with the actual material), but there is also the challenge to
populate the whole town with objects according the well known poster...

January 21-25. 2015
Page St. Nicholas's Church outside/facade updated with actual renders. As far as possible an
Ornamental stripe was added to the portal on the basis of a fragment found on a stone in Stari
Grad Bar.
Page St. Mark's Church updated with actual renders.
Page overview of the franc. Monastery updated. Elder grafics deleted or substituted with actual renders.
Animated fly will come later

January 17. 2015
The courtyard of the cloister got plants, greening and some trees. Experiments like a statue
above the well in the yard was removed. Experiments with arcades and fine pillars lead to
the decision, that it may be advisable to stick in the more formal pattern of Zdravcovic's poster.
Same line will be followed in modelling the final version portal of st. Nicholas's church.
Meanwhile many things have been tweaked and it's time to come to an end of the actual
working progress of the cloister complex.
Next steps will mainly be
→ create a final version of the portal (hopefully till end of next week)
→ creating updated renders/scenes of actual state of the objects
→ creating an animated overview

Especially lightning is a very time-consuming process and i hope, visitors will be patient enough
to wait for final results.

January 1. - 4. 2015
The Windows in the facade of St.Nicholas' Church got some marble and the entrance to the church
has been extended.

December 24. 2014
To all visitors who may look in these last days of the year on this website, searching some progress,
i want to say some words.
First of all: Thank you for visiting. We wish you all fine and peaceful Christmas days.

Construction works were stopped since last week, because the building workers are on strike :-)
But construction of St. Nichloas Church and Franciscan monastery will continue in a few days!

As speaker for the projekt antivari i am taking this opportunity for a resumen:
This Autumn was the first without a pause and for changes, which are in detail mentioned below.
It is the merit of Savo Markovich. I would like to thank him at this point, although he doesn't like
to stay here in the light. May be he is a descendant of 'Anonymous of Antivari' ;-)
The biggest surprise was the publication of this project in the journal 'Pobjeda' on December 1.
The editors have spent the project a lot of space. Thanks to the editors and i think, it is a kind of
quality for the journal to point out this thema - not(sic!) because this specific project
is so important. But on the contrary, because they use a small, "exotic" project to point out the
necessity to take care of a treasure.
There seems to be a missing awarenes for the meaning and importance of the big historic site "Stari Grad Bar".

I would like to express some serious words as my completely personal opinion:
As an Austrian i grew up in a rather small country, which could keep its own identity through the
history and was able to root it in the awarenes of society. In addition it was - and is - indespensible
foundation for the tourism and state budget.
It seems, that Montenegro wants to become part of European Union. I think it will also keep its identity.
History is a base to understand the presence. As far as i see, in this regard Stari Grad Bar has much more
to offer than just a unique athmosphere and to be part of an advertising brochure of company X.
If the article in pobjeda antivari helps to escape from superficial commerce, every hour invested in
the project is rich rewarded.

With this in mind, A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

December 15. 2014
St.Nicholas-page : Base of Portal

December 7.-11. 2014
St.Nicholas-page: Renders of the Church with architectonic groundworks.
StNicholas-page is opened with two renders of the progress status.

December 3. - 6. 2014
St.Marco-Page: Church changed with more historically accurate aspect of walls(bricks).
I got the information, that most of the walls of the church St. Mark, as seen nowadays, are original.
A venetian bagattino added on stuff-page.
First Tracking shots with coins from September 2012 replaced with an actual animation.
Their ambience is a little bit influenced by the start of Advent season.
I received excellent new material referring the historical franciscan monastery of Ratac.
With this work on St. Nicholas's monastery is going on hopefully.

November 26. - 29.2014
A series of rendershots with overviews added to uppertown-page. Shot nr.10 is the view
approximately similar to the view on Zdravkovic's Poster.
2 coins of ancient Antivari added to stuff-page.
Page of Franciscan Cloister is opened with some hopefully reliable impressions of the kitchen
Added a bell to church St. Mark. After first render i realised the question: How to move it?.
[I admit, that i am content with the render-shot of the belltower with the bell. :-) ]
Added renders from Object 155b behind the church St. Mark. (Opposite to St. Nicholas, under the passage).

November 24.2014
Whew! Slowly, but surely the changed requirements of realism should be approached.
Think, it's time for some new render - scenes.


To do:

Résumé after 6 weeks (really intensive) works: It was worth to choose this object for modelling, although it is much more complex, than i thought.
I learnt a lot of interesting facts about monasteries, because first time i has to invent some things, like the purpose and order of some buildings and their functionality.
As mentioned in october, important and detailed inputs with suggestions of Mr. Markovich led to a different goal of the project in general.
Savo also pointed out the importance of a 3D realistic retrospective of Antivari. So the focus is no longer to satisfy the restrictions of a realistic gaming background, but a higher level of realism and clarification between historic layers. I think, that with this decision the progress and satisfaction with the results increases for all "aficionados" of Antivari.

Regarding to the progress and time-frames: I am sure, with end of december the whole franciscan monastery-complex is finished inclusive the big church. Of course there will be never a real endpoint, but there are so many interesting objects in this town waiting.
Apart from this, there was brought the idea to put some more historical information together with the objects. I hope this will be solved later on with a website apart from antivari. Another question was, if together with the objects should be provided some photos of the of the real remains in Stari Grad Bar.

November 10. 2014
Finishing groundwork of object 155 St. Nicholas Monastery.
First pre-renders of the complex online. Details and lightning will come during next two weeks...

October 10. 2014
Starting reconstruction of St. Nicholas's Monastery.

October 7. - 8. 2014
Starting to reorganise this site. Meanwhile every page has been checked.

October 6. 2014
Uploading Hammam (Turkish Bath). It costed 2 weeks to finalize this Object. We had to check out the social and architectonical principles of typical Hamams. Apart from this some i had to study extended lighning technics and animations in the rendering pipeline, which provide better outputs in future projects.
Many suggestions of Mr. Marković led to the cognition, that it is imperative to revise this site.
It needs reorganisation of the structure and the provided information. Also tweaking and correcting some existing Objects is on a new 'to to list'. Mr. Markovic brought me to the opinion, to set the focus of the project on documentation instead to preceed a prior "gaming idea".

September 15. - 17. 2014
Getting in contact with Mr. Savo Marković. A medievalist from Bar with profound knowledge about the history of Antivari and social histories.
Finishing Model of Barutana (Object 156) and uploading images.

August 29. 2014 - September 12. 2014
Three visits to Antivari, fotoshootings.
Meeting with Petra Zdravkovic in Cetinje on Sept 29.

August 10. -17.2014
Activating Website
Installing an CMS. Creating the basic Strucure of Navigation
and entering the texts of the "Guide through the Centuries".
Design will be chosen after finishing the contents in agreement
with Petra.

February 13. 2014
First version of Sanct Peter's Church uploaded.

Actual plans:
Tweaking and completing the "3D-City Map". (Places, Streets, elevations of the
buildings and the ground ). Shoot a film with an animated view of flying or
walking through the upper town.
Rearrange this website, providing additional informations about Antivari.
Later on, detailed modelling of important buildings will be restartet.

October 1. 2013 - October 8. 2013
Schematic reconstruction and upload of the first 3D-Map of Antivari.
Although this schematic reconstruction doesn't contain any details of facades,
the floor plans should be accurate with the plan of Boscivic and the housing
cover and impressions should match to the poster of Vladan Zdravkovic.
There are still some unfinished and unclear Details, especially near the gates
and along the north-east wall but as a tentative draft of reconstruction it
should be a useful work (of nearly 100 hours of modeling).

September 29. 2013
First attempt to plan the construction of the whole bunch of Objects and
their arrangement over the town using the detailed maps of D. Boscovic.

September 26./27. 2013
Uploaded addendum to St. Theodor Chapel. Modelling of St. Catherin's Church (object 14) finished.
Fotos of St. Catherine's Church online.

September 22.2013
Start of reconstruction of St. Catherine's Church.

September 20.2013
Added an animated flight around the "world" to give an overall view.

September 18.2013
New fotos of parts of suburb with some more details. Tweaking of different problems.
The proportions of the wall still need to be refined, especially in comparison with the southern gate.

September 5.2013
This summer we have finished the overview of the town. That means:
The terrain and more or less all Buildings of the suburbs "down town"
I myself learnt a lot in texturing and composing materials and lightning.
We admit, we are happy to present our first postcard of old Antivari :-).
At this point i want to express my gratitude to Petra Zdravkovic for her hints
and helps in providing facts and materials.
Also the Poster Vladan Zdravkovic created 2006 is an important source for inspiration.

May - July 2013
Manuscript for a Story was written.

April 25.2013
Ancient chapel near to St.Georgs (st. Theodor's / object 1a) finishing the interiors,
when my PC crashed. Two weeks later work is going on with a new PC...

March 13.2013
St. Illarion in work.
Outside of the ancient chapel near to St.Georgs finishing.
Working on the interior room and details.

February 20. 2013
Thank's to Petra Zdravkovic- We got new material. Really good stuff for modelling!
St. Georg's Church → Just finished (casually these days)

Oktober 7. 2012
Website and Project: Waiting for material
In progress: Some interactive Examples

September 18. 2012
stuff → vladimirs cross: (no acceptable fotos available at the moment)
some animations an animated tracking shots : Done → see "Stuff" (oktober 7.)
Peter Semlitsch, an artist joined

September 3. 2012
Short visit to Antivari, meeting Ms. Petra Zdravkovic, Photo shooting

July 25. 2012
Visiting Antivari and first Photo shooting

Autumn 2011
Plans are born and design concepts written. Mailing with Petra Zdravkovic.

July 29. 2011
First visit of Antivari, accidental contact and short talk with Petra Zdravkovic.