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Gratitudes and involved members:

Savo Marković. Medievalist (PhD); Lawyer (PhD). Bar, Montenegro.
Researcher of the medieval history of Bar /Antivari.

Gratitudes to Vlado Marvučić and the Croatian cultural association "St. Jerome"
He and his NGO enabled the participation and awarding of the Project
"Virtual retrospective Antivari" through the Tourist Organisation of Bar. (2018)

Brigitte Platzer Mag. Theol Bac Phil. Graz, Austria.
General revisions and advices

Dagmar Reuther Oberstudienrätin (German/English). Gießen, Germany.
Translation and revisions of

Peter Semlitsch Magister of Arts. Graz, Austria.
Creative advices and grafic artwork till 2013

Petra Zdravkovic Doctor of Archeology /Maritime Archeology. Bar, Montenegro.
Providing sources and archeological informations till 2013

Main sources of information: See list of sources under license.

Software: Blender  Gimp Inkscape makehuman

Main source for textures:

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