Antivari - the upper town

St. Nicholas's Monastery - St.Nicholas's Church (Object 154)

The Franciscan monastery of St. Nicholas in the old town of Antivari (Bar), Monasterium Sancti Francisci de Antibaro,
was a sizeable, one-nave late-Romanesque building of the 13th century. Now situated in the northern part of the old town,
it was built in a former suburb, near the town gates, and later embraced by more recent defensive belt.
Given the fact that the Franciscan mission in Antivari was mentioned in 1283, it may have been built about 1288 by queen Helen of Anjou, the wife of Serbian king Uroš I.
Extended description Franciscan Monastery.pdf by Savo Marković franciscan monastery of st. nicholas

St. Nicholas' Church outside
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antivari franciscan monastery antivari franciscan monastery antivari franciscan monasteryantivari franciscan monastery  

The portal corresponding to D. Boskovic
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The portal with some added "fantasies"
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St. Nicholas Groundwork in Progress-step2: Renders from Dec 12. 2014

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Plans of object 154
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Source: Stari Bar, BOŠKOVIĆ Đurđe, Beograd: Savezni institut za zaštitu spomenika kulture, 1962, page 105 - 108.