Antivari - the upper town

St. Nicholas's Monastery - St. Mark's Church (Object 155 and 155a)




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St. Mark's Church St. Mark's Church St. Mark's Church
st mark Belltower St. Mark
(Floor of church changed. → remark on bottom)

passage north

Object 155b will be refined, but the base of the construction is finished and in according with the plans.
155b 155b franciscan monastery
rendered November 22. - 27. 2014

Additional information:
Floors of the churches of that time served for the graveyards and consisted of thombstones with inscriptions or just with crosses, which were opened very often, for burials. This relates also to the central church of Franciscan monastery (St. Nicholas), as well as to the Cathedral of St. George. Some of the grave plates are preserved even today and are the main source of information about the old Antivarini/Antibarenses. Only the poor people could't afford themselves to be buried within the churches, closely to altars, reliquiaries and the pictures of the saints, who will protect them in afterlife.

Plans of Object 155 from the book of Durde Boskovic, Stari Bar from 1992.:
155-sanMarko 155-sanMarko


rendered November 8. 2014