Antivari - virtual reconstruction of medieval Stari Grad Bar

Many models - especially before winter 2014 are tentative drafts and optimized for low-poly-meshes, not for fotorealism

Overview: Antivari Upper Town
Antivari 3d-Map

Overview: "Antivari Suburbs" the Lower Town (click into pictures for higher Resolution).

Antivari - Model

Antivari plan of the objects correponding with the map of D. Boskovic on the right hand.
All Numbers of objects in this website refer to this plan of 1992.

antivari east reconstructed   Plan Starog Bara

Overview about the terrain:

September-October 2013

Sources: BOŠKOVIĆ Đurđe, Stari Bar. Beograd: Savezni institut za zaštitu spomenika kulture, 1962.